A makeover.

I had just gotten out of a great discussion with some leading pioneers in the field of Commerce and Fashion. Conversations revolved on the need to develop relationships not just between you and your team but also with the visitors who come to your website or with the products you make and how your audience … More A makeover.

No Plan B.

“I finish my six months of working here, next month. For the first nineteen years of my work experience I would go to office, sit in a chair, read the newspaper, do some work, help a bunch expats relocate and get back home. I’d find it hard to sleep because I wouldn’t be tired. But … More No Plan B.

The weighing scale.

As I begin to write this post, I’d like to tell you how incredibly fulfilling the last seven months have been and that we can’t wait to stir up an ‘art’ revolution this country is witnessing currently. When we spoke about having an Art summit, we were serious, very serious. In fact in one of … More The weighing scale.

I don’t write. I am better at expressing myself through sketches. But, yes, my “boss” has asked me to do this, this is for you boss! It’s been an eventful 7 months. Moving to Mumbai, working two jobs at once, getting my first hard earned salary, watching so many happy customers happy with my artwork, … More

An Empty Canvas

“Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss. If you feel you are up for that, then start a company” – Elon Musk A lot has happened since I last wrote a post on this blog and I am going to try as hard as I can to sum it up … More An Empty Canvas