Postbox in the Press

Part of Top 14 lovely stationary brands in India – Featured on

About – They are one of the leading online lifestyle websites in India coming to the foray, forging alliances with Nike, MTV and beyond.

Here’s what they said about us. “Born out of a vision to provide a platform for upcoming designers and photographers, the Postbox features some wonderfully unique items that you will definitely want on your desk. They carefully select artists who have something different to offer making sure that their assemblage, though small, will remain distinctive.

HG Loves: Their veneer wood notebooks, because it looks like we can make some really cool board games out of its cover.”

Part of Vogues list of brand to look out for – October, 2015 edition


Interview with The Founders @ The Postbox – The Polka Cafe talks to The Postbox, August 2015

Excerpt from the article

Your products are niche and the entire website has a very closely curated, boutique feel. Why did you choose this approach and what are the benefits, in your opinion?

Nikhil: I think it just happened. It was never a conscious effort to make our store look unique. We always knew what we wanted. Our approach lies in a unique, evolving design sense, a clutter-free platform, a platform where people could explore and view products with ease. Too much of anything is not good.

Madhu: When we started planning the entire structure of The Postbox, Nikhil and I scanned through the internet for websites that any layman in our country would buy from. We were clear that the entire use and experience of browsing through our website must be clutter-free and peaceful, and allow the customer to understand what they are looking at and give them the necessary space to reflect upon it.

When Dreams take Wings – Article in the Hindu, Chennai Edition. 

Excerpt from the article

Nikhil and Madhuvanti’s Postbox isn’t about their own collectives and creatives, instead they have created a platform for creative people. “The Postbox is an ‘evolving idea’ an art and lifestyle platform with the primary objective of creating artwork which can be then used on different mediums. The company focuses on product development. “We want to give our customers products which are value for money. We’ve launched a total of six products to start off with and each product has been carefully worked upon to ensure high standards of quality. For example our coasters come all the way from Calcutta after testing them on various mediums, or the material for our cushion covers, which are sourced from Surat, Gujarat and then printed and stitched in Tirupur and Karur in Tamil Nadu,” explains Nikhil.

Check The Postbox – Article in The Hindu, Hyderabad Edition

Excerpt from the article

“I have always been fascinated by art,” says Nikhil, a former advertising professional. “But it is hard for young and upcoming artists to showcase their work. We are providing a platform for them to do that by taking their work and using it on our products.”

Madhuvanthi, who is pursuing a Masters in Fashion Direction and Management from Milan, adds, “Our products have been chosen carefully based on those items that people use on a daily basis. It’s the most effective way to transform art onto something that is functional. As a designer myself, I felt someone needs to take the initiative to help talented people monetise their work.”


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