About us

Founded in September, 2014, The Postbox is a platform for artists and product designers across the country to showcase their work on different mediums. Products at The Postbox are created in-house as well with an aim for creating a product which is an amalgamation of two materials. Our aim over the next few years is to be India’s leading curated platform for interesting products and artists. We operate out of Chennai with a current team strength of 10 employees shipping out 4000 products every month.

The Founders of the Postbox are Nikhil Joseph and Madhuvanthi Senthil Kumar. You can read more about them below.

Nikhil Joseph – CEO, Co-founder. 

With some good experience riding on his back, working on the Ads & marketing team for Facebook for about three years, his love for art and photographs in general has been a self learning process. Apart from taking photographs and working on photo series of different genres, he is an ardent fan of political sciences and cooking great food.

You can follow him on:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/NikJoe

Instagram – http://instagram.com/nikjoe

Madhuvanthi Senthil Kumar – Head of Design 

At 17, she moved bag and baggage to study fashion design at NAFA in Singapore. She later went onto complete her Masters in Brand Management from Instituto Marangoni in Milan. Apart from fashion, she loves writing and reading Murakami.

You can follow her on:

Instagram – http://instagram.com/madhuskumar

Her Blog – http://www.rantsandtales.wordpress.com


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