This is the dream we have

So Madhu is down, to not work at The Postbox but to work at The Shaadi Project. So while I am at it here, we’ve been working very hard on how “The Shaadi Project” is going to look like. 

On top of our heads we know exactly how we want “The Shaadi Project” to look like. It’s going to be completely bespoke, from the start to the finish. If a client shows interest in us, then our plan is to send them a book which will have swatches which are basically samples of everything we have to offer. It will be a segregated by category and product and easy to follow. They just have to tick the boxes and make the choices they like and send it back to us. We take care of the rest 🙂 

The dream we have is not Utopian, it’s merely work in progress. 

You know we have this awesome #artyourself campaign going on Instagram and it’s been doing so well, we’ve been inspired and convinced more than ever, that what we have here is exactly what this country needs. To provide a platform for upcoming artists and designers to showcase their work.

To basically just get them out there. 

We were thinking of how let’s say a year from now, we could have an “ART SUMMIT”. A three day summit where all the designers on The Postbox will be flown down to a specific location. A summit where we bring together established and upcoming artists, where we bring together great speakers from the industry, where we mix and mingle, where we get to know each other as much as we can. We want all this amazing talent out there to be shared so that people can connect and collaborate. 

We want to have an “ART SUMMIT” where people take note of us, where people stand up and notice us and say ‘YES’ there is huge potential in this country. Imagine what it would be like to have eminent speakers, to launch artists on a podium in front of the world, in front of an audience, imagine how independent upcoming artists at The Postbox get to talk about their work. We want exactly that to happen. We want to live stream the event as well so that people around the world can watch us, can watch what this country can do. We are still a relatively young team and we have time but this is what our dream is. The first six months have involved the two of us get up and go to sleep talking design, growth and how much more we have to do. 

We’ve been getting requests from more than one agency outside our country to collaborate with International artists and spread The Postbox but we decided that before we venture out, we need to make sure we’ve exhausted ourselves here and we don’t even think we’ve got to 0.001% of the talent out there in this country. 

I am going to end with a quote from Fast and The Furious 6, 

“So we’re talking or are we racing?” 

We’re racing. 

Nikhil Joseph 


The Postbox 


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